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THOW 24.4 with Porch

Basic Contraction

  • Trailer Vlemmix, 3.5t,  safety wooden frame up to 80 km/h
  • Wooden frame, 90x45mm C24 wooden beams
  • Isolation –  100mm
  • 4 jacks stands to relieve the wheels
  • 2 water meters (1 for the TH and 1 for the garden water hose)
  • Electricity meter


Floor, Walls and Roof

  • Interior cladding, solid wood cladding (Profiled wood), white and wooden
  • External cladding made of profiled wood, basecoated
  • Floor laminate
  • Roof covering Downpipe made of painted sheet steel / hot-dip galvanised
  • PVC windows, tilt and turn or fixed with 3 glasses
  • Insulated entrance door with safety lock



  • 15m Power cable
  • 2m Fresh water hose – 13mm with GEKA connections system, drain waste water
  • 30l boiler for hot water for showers etc.
  • WLAN and TV connection
  • 32A automatic circuit breaker
  • FI master switch for safety
  • 30l hot water boiler
  • Underfloor heating
  • Technical cabinet



  • PVC windows, turn-tilt
  • Corner shower with cubicle, no curtain
  • Shower set with 3-way adjustable shower head
  • Washbasin with mixer tap
  • LED ceiling light with with wall switch at bathroom entrance
  • 230votl socket at the mirror
  • Supply connections for electricity and water
  • Ventilator
  • Low-flush toilet with concealed water tank
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Bathroom door
  • Underfloor heating


  •  PVC windows, turn-tilt
  • LED ceiling lights with wall switch at kitchen entrance
  • 230 volt double sockets
  • Double ceramic hot plate integrated in the kitchen top
  • Extractor bonnet
  • Sink with mixer tap
  • Kitchen top with place for full-size refrigerator, sink cupboard, dishwasher, storage space with drawer and oven.
  • Storage space cupboard above the kitchen windows
  • Underfloor heating


Living room

  • PVC windows, turn-tilt
  • Entrance door
  • LED ceiling lights switch ev. House entrance-staircase-outdoor light + Outdoor socket (moisture protection)
  • 230 volt and TV sockets
  • Air – to – AIR heat exchanger, 2 pieces that work alternately
  • Wardrobe stairs to the sleeping loft


Sleeping loft

  • PVC windows, turn-tilt
  • LED ceiling lights in staircase and sleeping are with changeover switch Staircase-bed
  • 230 volt sockets
  • Handrail for stairs to sleeping loft



  • Water meter for garden hose
  • Extra storage area wardrobes
  • Drinking water circulation system, electronically controled drinking water pump for instant hot water and frost protection for all pipes
  • Smarthome system III, consisting of access point, smoke and water alarm, app for IOS and Android
  • Large sideboard in sleeping loft with build-in air-conditioner and remote control
  • Outside terrace decking with wooden pole barriers and rope railing
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Air-conditioner

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