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Bungalow 24

BUNGALOW 24 is a bungalow, part of Green Cube House’s finished goods, that combines contemporary vision and comfort at optimal price.

Vision: The volume is shaped into a pure cuboid with a specific siding, that fits in the surrounding nature just fine. While open, it interacts with the environment, and while closed – it accentuates the shape and easily puts it on standby for the next season. The exterior is designed with wooden boarding, painted, developed in vertical.

Technology: Multilayer panels, that comply with all the requirements for surrounding surfaces, are exclusively developed for this product in Green Cube House’s factory in the city of Plovdiv.

Function: Bungalow 24 delivers one independent comfortable bedroom. Spacious common space forms the ‘day’ zone, and unites the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The porch connects the bungalow with the nature.

Assembly: The assembly time on site is 1 day. This bungalow can also be disassembled for the above mentioned time.

Purpose: Bungalow  is the perfect choice for students, young families.

Basic Contraction

  • Wooden frame, 90x45mm C24 wooden beams
  • Isolation
  • Water meter
  • Electricity meter


Floor, Walls and Roof

  • Interior cladding, solid wood cladding (Profiled wood), white and wooden
  • External cladding made of profiled wood, base coated
  • Floor laminate
  • Roof covering Downpipe made of painted sheet steel / hot-dip galvanized
  • PVC windows, tilt and turn or fixed with 3 glasses
  • Insulated entrance door with safety lock



  • 15m Power cable
  • 2m Fresh water hose – 13mm with GEKA connections system, drain waste water
  • Boiler for hot water for showers etc.
  • WLAN and TV connection
  • 32A automatic circuit breaker
  • FI master switch for safety
  • Underfloor heating
  • Technical cabinet



  • PVC windows, turn-tilt
  • Corner shower with cubicle, no curtain
  • Shower set with 3-way adjustable shower head
  • Washbasin with mixer tap
  • LED ceiling light with with wall switch at bathroom entrance
  • 230votl socket at the mirror
  • Supply connections for electricity and water
  • Ventilator
  • Low-flush toilet with concealed water tank
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Bathroom door
  • Underfloor heating


  •  PVC windows, turn-tilt
  • LED ceiling lights with wall switch at kitchen entrance
  • 230 volt double sockets
  • Double ceramic hot plate integrated in the kitchen top
  • Extractor bonnet
  • Sink with mixer tap
  • Kitchen top with place for full-size refrigerator, sink cupboard, dishwasher, storage space with drawer and oven.
  • Storage space cupboard above the kitchen windows
  • Underfloor heating


Living room

  • PVC windows, turn-tilt
  • Entrance door
  • LED ceiling lights switch ev. House entrance-staircase-outdoor light + Outdoor socket (moisture protection)
  • 230 volt and TV sockets
  • Air – to – AIR heat exchanger, 2 pieces that work alternately
  • Wardrobe stairs to the sleeping loft


Sleeping loft

  • PVC windows, turn-tilt
  • LED ceiling lights in staircase and sleeping are with changeover switch Staircase-bed
  • 230 volt sockets
  • Handrail for stairs to sleeping loft



  • Water meter for garden hose
  • Extra storage area wardrobes
  • Drinking water circulation system, electronically controlled drinking water pump for instant hot water and frost protection for all pipes
  • Smarthome system III, consisting of access point, smoke and water alarm, app for IOS and Android
  • Large sideboard in sleeping loft with build-in air-conditioner and remote control
  • Outside terrace decking with wooden pole barriers and rope railing
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Air-conditioner

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