About Us


The Green cube house’s team is comprised of young and experienced professionals who are keen on bringing into life new concepts in the residential, recreational and office spaces. The aspiration for optimization of the available space in an efficient and cost-oriented manner drives the team to pursue bold ideas which resonate with the prevailing penchant for:

  • Smart residential/recreational/office solutions;
  • Low unnecessary costs related with heating and other utilities;
  • Eco-friendly attitude;
  • “Closer-to-nature” lifestyle;
  • Functionality & flexibility;
  • Quick & quality realization of the passion projects;

With projects realized in CEE and Western Europe, Green cube house takes pride in being part of the early adopters of the new trends of residential/recreational/office solutions. The passion for more healthy and eco-friendly solutions leads the team to incorporating and utilizing the natural benefits into the design of the living spaces which the Green cube house team develops.

The usage of quality materials, innovative building technologies, collaboration with the academia and the pioneering feeling of taking onto the new trends make Green cube house the preferred partner in the development of the customized residential/recreational/office spaces.

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What are the sizes of a Green cube house constructions? Is there some limitation on the minimum-maximum specter?

The sizes of the Green cube house constructions as well as the usable areas are totally up to the requirements of the clients. Our technology allows us to plan small constructions and big projects in order to fit the needs of our clients. The flexibility provided by our construction methods allows us to fit perfectly our client’s needs to the eventually realized project.

Is there a guarantee about my Green cube house and what are some approximate prices related with the products?

The Green cube house constructions are guaranteed to function as per their functionality. Due to the techniques and methodology of the team of experts, the Green house cube constructions and designed and fulfilled in order to last a lifetime. In regards to pricing, of course it depends on the specifics that the client requests as well as the sheer size of the project. Guidelines-wise, a garden studio can cost approximately 10,000.00EUR +VAT.

What is the time of delivery after the client’s approval of the project?

It is a complex question involving factors such as administrative permits, logistics to the specific site, foundation, etc. Bottom line, after taking care of the administrative part of the project we need 8 to 10 weeks in order to finally give you the key to your Green cube house construction and place the complimentary “Welcome” doormat upon the doorstep. This period is relevant for a wide range of sizes of the desired Green cube house construction.

What is the planed foundation upon which my Green cube house construction is going to be erected?

This depends on the specifics of the plot you want us to use. Due to the array of possibilities, our team has developed various techniques via which to best utilize your plot. We can erect your Green cube house construction on a concrete platform, we can use an innovative system of poles dug deep into the ground, we can use a simple wooden crating system, etc. Give us a call with details about your plot and your construction-specifications requests and we would provide you with the best solution for your specific needs and circumstances.

Why is my Green cube house so green and why it affects my lifestyle?

Basically, your Green cube house construction is incorporating in your design the benefits provided by nature: predominant natural light usage, flexibility, external design which resonates with the green areas around us, integration of energy-efficient techniques, etc. All these efforts are spent with the ultimate goal of providing you comfort, cost reduction and a closer touch to nature. Ultimately, your lifestyle is upgraded to one of a person benefiting the extraordinary natural gifts and adopting the new trends in the development of residential/recreational/office units.

What are the administrative requirements in order to get a Green cube house construction? Do I need special permits?

Of course, this depends on an array of factors related with the local (country, county, municipality, etc.) requirements, the size of the construction you request, the usage, etc. For example, the general trend and research shows that garden studios are “hassle-free” projects which you can have erected with little to no extra efforts from administrative point of view. However, if your Green cube house construction exceeds some regulated sizes or is to be situated in a specific area overburdened by planning regulations, it might require additional permits and efforts to get it regulated. Bottom line, even if your Green cube ...

Can my Green cube house be developed in a tailor-made fashion in order to fit my specific needs?

Yes, indeed. The whole concept of the Green cube house developments resides on the two pillars, namely: efficiency and tailor-made solutions. Our team of architects, designers and developers work closely with the clients in order to plan the construction in a very specific way which targets the equally specific requirements of our clients.

Are there any financial benefits, besides the lifestyle-related ones, in investing in a Green cube house development?

Yes, indeed. The passive houses provide a lot of financial pros as compared to the traditionally-developed buildings, mainly in the following terms: Lower costs for construction stemming from: Shorter development period (in-house) of the panels and quick assembly on the spot. Generally lower profit margin due to the business cycles of the passive housing development. New market development strategies Lower reoccurring costs for utilities incurred by the end users due to the energy efficiency features of the Green cube house