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About US


The Green cube house’s team is comprised of young and experienced professionals who are keen on bringing into life new concepts in the residential, recreational and office spaces. The aspiration for optimization of the available space in an efficient and cost-oriented manner drives the team to pursue bold ideas which resonate with the prevailing penchant for:

  • Smart residential/recreational/office solutions;
  • Low unnecessary costs related with heating and other utilities;
  • Eco-friendly attitude;
  • “Closer-to-nature” lifestyle;
  • Functionality & flexibility;
  • Quick & quality realization of the passion projects;

With projects realized in CEE and Western Europe, Green cube house takes pride in being part of the early adopters of the new trends of residential/recreational/office solutions. The passion for more healthy and eco-friendly solutions leads the team to incorporating and utilizing the natural benefits into the design of the living spaces which the Green cube house team develops.

The usage of quality materials, innovative building technologies, collaboration with the academia and the pioneering feeling of taking onto the new trends make Green cube house the preferred partner in the development of the customized residential/recreational/office spaces.

Drop us a line via our contact form and/or via email in order to get more details about is or click on the FAQs for more clarifications.

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