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Create a living studio

Life choices matter!
Be your own decision-maker and do not confine your residential preferences to the decision of others. At GREEN CUBE HOUSE Ltd., you are able to design the outlay and living capacities of your own studio. Be free to design the tailor-made solutions to your residence needs, to express your creativity and persona in getting the area you feel is most suitable for you, to increase the efficiency of your own studio in line with your own needs. You are able to get your unique studio which will not only fit your requirements, but also be a part of our personal legacy. Invest yourself in design the best area for you. You will appreciate it even more.

The advantages of getting the GREEN CUBE HOUSE Ltd. living studio:

– Preliminary meetings with designated architect and designer
– Discussions and provision of options vis-a-vis the proposals for the outlay of the studio
– Agreement upon a design
– Constant and regular updates about the progress of the project
– Quick finalization of the preliminary set design
– Interior design options
– Environment-friendly design, technologies and outlay.

You can work in close cooperation with the GREEN CUBE HOUSE Ltd. team in designing the studio that both fits your needs and takes advantage of the environment of the designated location for the studio. The outlay can be personally approximated with the climatic circumstances of the allocation of the studio, thus allowing for the introduction of the nature’s elements in the development of the real „living studio“ concept.