What is a
Tiny House?

The tiny house is a small wooden house that is, most
of the time, built on a road trailer. It can therefore be
moved entirely and at any time by their owner(s).

What are the

What does Green Cube House offer?

Green Cube House is a Bulgarian artisanal company.
The workshop is located in Plovdiv, specialized in the design and manufacture of custom tiny houses, pods, bungalows and wooden houses.

The team also offers facilitating tools for self-builders.
In our little houses, nothing is left to chance.

The alliance between comfort, functionality, well-being and eco-responsibility is our priority.

As you will have understood, at Green Cube House, “small” does not mean “less”, quite the contrary.

Every project starts with a meeting at our workshop. We then exchange over coffee to define the needs that your tiny house will have to meet.

This very personal list of “ingredients” will allow us to design the recipe in 3D!

Once drawn in volume, we validate the architecture and the layout together, but also the materials and colors.

Our team can then develop the technical plans that will be used for the construction.

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Tiny Houses

Take a video
tour with us

This is our premium tiny house TH30 which we
are proud to present during the Caravan Salon
Düsseldorf 2023. Big living space in a tiny house.

Roads-ready,energy-sufficient, premium style
and high quality all in one. The 30 square
meters of residential area provide both
efficiency, comfort and open air.

Our team

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are in need of a consultation.

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International Sales

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Sales Brandenburg, Germany

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