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Compromise – this word does not exist in our professional vocabulary!

Our prefabricated homes are for those looking for an indisputable quality at a reasonable price.
Our mission is to make designing and building of homes easy and pleasant for the customer and to be a reliable partner from the first drawing to the first glass of wine at the dinner table.

The prefabricated houses of Green Cube House are not just a construction project – they are an entire conception. From the design, which we worship so much, to the last detail in the process of building and decorating your future home, our team of professionals will be next to you.

We do not rely on subcontractors, temps and suppliers with low prices and suspicious quality.
We believe in the unity and the professionalism of our team and in the high quality of every single piece of material, used in our prefabricated homes.

We know that most of the people have only one chance to build their dream home, and we are dedicated to make it the best possible way.

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