Fitness POD

PODS is part of Green Cube House’s finished goods, that combines contemporary vision and comfort at optimal price.

Fitness POD is part of Green cube house’s lines of versatile pods, which provide our customers with state of the art and easy to install & use solutions for their everyday needs

Lifestyle advantages:
– Get your own gym in the back yard of your house
– Train in an efficient manner and then quickly enjoy the comforts of your home
– Need a quick bath and power snack after your gym session: get in your house shower and drink your recovery juice, freshly squeezed in your own house kitchen

Vision: The volume is shaped into a pure cuboid with a specific siding, that fits in the surrounding nature just fine. The pergola above the porch is part of the shell of the bungalow. While open, it interacts with the environment, and while closed – it accentuates the shape and easily puts it on standby for the next season. The exterior is designed with wooden boarding, painted, developed in two types of raster – horizontal and vertical.

Technology: Multilayer panels, that comply with all the requirements for surrounding surfaces, are exclusively developed for this product in Green Cube House’s factory in the city of Plovdiv.

Function: PODS delivers one common space forms the ‘day’ zone, and unites the living room, the dining room, extra bedroom or working space.

Assembly: POD is delivered fully finished.

Purpose: PODS are the perfect choice for working space, extra rental room or hobby area.